Day One: Introduce Yourself

I am new to blogging (well, relatively…I think a few failed attempts over the past two years of posting on a regular basis still considers me “new” at this). I created this blog yesterday because a trusted friend told me how much better Worpress is than what I was already using. As I poked around the site, I found the “Zero to Hero” challenge and read a little more. I liked what I saw, so here I go!

Day One: Introduce Yourself

Who I Am:

The name’s Lindsey, last name Webster. I am a young lady of twenty-five years (at least for the next twelve days). I hail from the small town artist-colony of Woodstock, NY. I moved here when I was two-months-old with my mother and father and this is where we stayed. I have always been involved in the arts (I think it has something to do with growing up in Woodstock). I was in elementary school when I started playing the cello. I have always been a singer and had a passion for that, but most of my younger years were focused on my instrument. In ninth grade, though, we moved from Woodstock to a small town where music was not offered in schools. I did not own a cello, so that was basically the end to taking cello seriously. So I started singing much more than I was before. In the absence of playing cello, my musical-self needed an outlet, still.

In 2009 I met Keith Slattery (who would later become my partner) at a karaoke scene in Woodstock, NY. He asked whether or not I had been performing, which I had not been, and said that he could get me some gigs. Now, four years later, we have a successful band with a large following in the Hudson Valley and beyond, we have released my debut CD, and are currently working on my second CD (among many other amazing things that have happened for us in the years between- like playing with Michael Bolton in NYC and having Sting tell me I’m awesome).

Okay, now that you (loosely) know who I am…

Why I Am Here:

I have chosen to blog for a few reasons. I love writing and sharing my thoughts, so it’s the perfect avenue for that. I also want to give my current and future fans a look into what goes on behind the scenes. When I was younger, if I would’ve had blogs and Facebook and Twitter with all of these ways to stay so connected with the people I looked up to, I would’ve been thrilled. It is a great way to let people feel included and in-the-know. I also hope it will help in building my fan base.

I have two blogs. This one is geared towards my writing, while my other blog, Music: My Heart. My Dream. My Life., is my music blog, where I will post interviews, behind-the-scenes pics and videos, and general music stuff. By the end of 2014, I want a shit-load of followers for both of my blogs, and hopefully, new fans. And, most importantly, I want to have shared all of the experiences that are amazing this year, like I wish I had last year.



  1. I followed you since your asking for followers. I have two blogs as well ones new ones about 1 1/2 years old I would love it if you to followed me. What is the name of your other blog? Mine are listed below both are photography blogs ones portraits the newer ones nature and landscape I just got it started this week.


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